Beyond Boundaries is a non-profit based in Richmond, Virginia specializing in guiding participants with and without disabilities on outdoor adventures

The mission of Beyond Boundaries is to offer individuals of all ability levels, no matter physical, cognitive or economic situation, the opportunity to experience outdoor activities with the surrounding community.

Our latest adventure

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What We Do


    Beyond Boundaries will introduce individuals to an outdoor experience without disability-determined limits, encouraging healthy activity that stretches the mind and body. Participants will discover a world beyond wheelchairs, walkers, and braces by shifting the focus from disabilities to abilities.


    Beyond Boundaries outdoor programs are designed to help individuals build confidence by teaching them to identify and rely on their strengths, sharpen their senses, and build awareness of their mind and body.


    Beyond Boundaries will uniquely offer individuals of all ages with a disability, the opportunity to not only experience outdoor adventure recreation, but to do so with family members, companions and friends of all abilities.


    Beyond Boundaries will encourage family and friends to be involved in all programs with a primary focus to increase integration in the family and community by providing adaptive outdoor recreation opportunities in an inclusive and supportive environment.


    Beyond Boundaries will strive to provide an inclusive environment that encourages participants to expand their comfort zone, challenge fears and grow as an individual and as a valued member of a supportive community.


    Beyond Boundaries will provide a unique opportunity for family members, personal aides, and caregivers to see the individual with a disability in a new light, encouraging independence beyond the outdoor experience and spilling over into activities of daily living. By focusing on the community experience and each participant’s value within the community ,Beyond Boundaries adventures will help to build self esteem, foster relationships and diminish risk of isolation.

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